My firm, Stock Properties, is  an exclusive buyer's broker and exclusive buyer's agents. Stock
Properties is dedicated to representing home buyers exclusively throughout New York City,
especially on the Upper West Side and the Upper East Side of Manhattan.

We are dedicated to brokering home transactions for purchasers who buy luxury NYC condos,
coops and townhouse throughout Manhattan and Brooklyn, with special expertise on the
Upper East Side (Park Avenue, Fifth Avenue and Lexington Avenue through to East End
Avenue and adjoining streets) and the Upper West Side (Central Park West, Riverside Drive,
West End Avenue and Morningside Heights, Harlem and adjoining streets and points
northward) of Manhattan.  

New York City, especially Manhattan, is not a market for neophytes. It is competitive, smart
and ripe with opportunity for those who have seasoned advisors
. What you don't know
can hurt you.

As in any profession, all exclusive buyer brokers are not the sam
e.  O
ur buyer clients benefit from our experience and superior negotiating and apartme
research skills, hard-earned and achieved over time. With these superior skills a
nd our posit
ion as your exclusive buyer's broker, we negotiate excellent prices, shepherd the
transaction through to closing for you and
save you money.

believe you will find there is no one better than myself and our agents at Stock Properties to
and win for you the home you love most in the market.

Consumer advocates, too, advise buyers to use their own exclusive buyer broker when
purchasing a home because we focus exclusively on the interests of the bu
yer in any
transaction, thus guaranteeing our buyer clients 100% of our
loyalty (see FAQs link on left). I
believe the service Stock Properties provides to our buyer clients is indispensable to
their interests, helping them to get the
absolute best terms possible, and obtain their ideal  

We will advocate for you alone in negotiations, as our client, and present you with every
home possibility regardless of who is selling it.
This OPENS UP the market for you, our client.
You can see every property on the market, no matter who is selling it.
We can do this because
no conflict of interest exists, as it does when the seller’s br
oker or its co-broker handles the
sale (
see FAQs).  

This Costs You Nothing Extra.  As with all home purchase transactions that use real e
state brokers, our compensation comes at the closing. It is built into the price.

As a licensed real estate broker, we at Stock Properties can show you any home listed in New
York City, including those listed by seller-broker real estate firms (the vast majority of rea
l estate agencies), homes for sale by owner or any other way. We provide you with objective,
full disclosure on the home, such as how good a value it is, its price history when available a
nd other conditions that might affect your de
cision to buy--and which the seller's broker is
never free to tell you.
 Mary M. Stock                              
                                       Principal and Broker

If  you would like to hear what properties are available to see,  or have a question,  please tell
us about it on the form and submit it.

Please also give us your feedback on how you like the site and what we as buyer's agents, can  
do for you.



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